hei. here are 2 songs that i'm working on. i need some input on what could be done better with them. or if i should just move and make something else. i'll crit those of you that need need it no questions asked:P btw there will be vocals added. i just don't have the quipment to do it... students economy....:/

I think the first (I've) one is good,The second one reminded me of the band The Doors, dont know why

Oh and the first one reminded me of Jimi hendrix's Castles made of sand at the beginning.
you really have to tell me which song the doors have, that reminds you of candyman:P
hehe :P
I've - I like the volume swells at the start of the piece, really sets the tone for it.
- This piece is quite different from others, which is good! I hate it when people do the same thing again and again.
- I don't know why, but i find it quite hendrixy... hmm
- I like it when the drums come in, shows development throughout piece.
- With vocals, this could be a killer tune!

Candyman - Very different from first song, i like it!
- Drum beat is very interesting here, suits lively tone of piece.
- Very interesting guitar parts, backed by upbeat bass part.

I would happily buy a cd with these two on, just write some good vocals and you're in for it!
Keep it up!

C4C (all midi songs)?