I have been playing for 30+ years but have never attempted a build. I have a 60s or 70s Teisco 335 style body and a more recent Epiphone E series neck. I have the Gibson wiring harness as well. A tremolo tailpiece is planned .

My current electric is a G&L ASAT Thinline semihollow with OS Soapbars and I want a different sound on the project guitar. I want a pups that will give me the range to include Jazz, blues and trad country/rock sounds.

Firstly am I asking too much from a single pair of PUPS?

Secondly, I am interested in the experiences of others who have similar tastes.

I have had a listen the Analco Liverpool Vintage items for example but don't know anyone who uses these.

Advice from experience is most welcome!
I know seymour duncan jazz pickups are very versatile...should work well with a 335 type guitar. they have a clean bright tone that sound good with or without gain