so im copying dave murray and am setting up my hss stat with a hum/single/hum pickup configuration. i took the pickguard off to make a list of what needed to be done. it seems like more work than i origianlly planned, but is possible.
1-find or make a pickguard to fit
2- drill out wood to fit larger pickup
3 seal exposed wood
4-split the original wire from new humbucker into two to fit 5 way switch
5 solder new pickups into place of the old
6 move electronics and wiring to new pickguard
7 adjust pickup height
8 reassamlbe axe

if anyone has tried this i'd appreciate some input, did i miss any steps or will there be hidden problems or what type of pickups work well with this setup. thanks!
I'll just go by the step number.

1 - Allparts has a pretty good selection of pickguards.

2 - If you have access to a plunge router, it will be a million times easier than drilling.

4 - If you're just going with the standard Strat wiring, you don't really need to split the wire.
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If you're ordering more than a few things and aren't in a massive rush, PM nuthinbuttrubl8 (Phil) He has a 25%-ish discount on Allparts and a couple other sites, but he works alot, so he takes a while to get stuff out (trust me )
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.