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What draws you to bass? What is so interesting about bass that you guys want to play bass? I mean the guitarist gets all the limelight, the singers, well need i say more and drummers look way more cool than anyones else, why bass?

Did you guys make a transition from the guitar to bass? or are u a beginner and u started off right away with a bass?

is it worth playing a bass, I sometimes wonder am i making the right move?

tell me your story, and advice me, i wanna know is it worthwhile....
I know some where along the line and inside of me, bass is really good and right for me but sometimes u have a bad day and u start to second thought about the decisions that you make and I wanna reaffirm myself that this is what i want, need advice, please , thanks
i played guitar before bass. basically took it up because we were short a bassist. I play bass a lot more than guitar nowadays but that is mainly because there is a lack of bassists about :s

i do enjoy it, it has more "feel" than guitar, because there are normally fewer notes in the bass line what you play is more important (not just random shred) also the phrasing is more important than the actual notes a lot of the time (imo) because live people will normally feel the bass rather than listening to it.

The bassist is normally the smart, stable, quiet one who writes the good music i kinda like to think that is me
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To me, Bass bridges the gap between the guitar and the drums.

A big part is melody, yet a big part is rhythm.

A bassist with ****ty rhythm is a ****ty bassist. A bassist with no sense of melody is a ****ty bassist.

Take a guitarist for example... Like the billions of kids on here. A guitarist with ****ty rhythm, can still be a 'decent' guitarist.

That said, I don't really bass all that much...
I decided that my fingers were too fat for the higher frets on a guitar and that scared me away from playing it.

Plus i had a bass lying around and i decided to learn Journey to the end of the East Bay, showed how i could play the song to my bro, he told me to learn hysteria ... just went on like that until i decided the bass was fun as hell to play.

If anything the most needed musician around where i am is a drummer, bassists arnt too hard to find, guitarists have the general rep, and singers ... well most bands end up just picking up anyone who wants to hold the mic. So deciding on bass due to how easy it is to get in a band was never really a factor.

Also youtube videos, those players just looked soooo dang cool.
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Why did I choose it?

My mom wouldn't let me have drums.
A guitar pack was too expensive (compared to the guy selling me a Squire P and practice for $50).
It had less string.


Why do I prefer it now?
As said before, bass is what glues everything together.
I feel as if I am playing a more important role. Say I played guitar and somebody else played bass, they might just play the same four notes over and over following the root of what I do. I know that I can handle the position in a (supposedly) more appropriate way.
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My friends and I wanted to start a band, and I sucked at guitar coupled with the lack of a bassist, and with some slight of hand/ magic potions, I picked up a bass.
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well, nice responce, thanks for sharing, can't wait for more

well i for one did not decide on playing a bass so that i can join a band, hell no, i mean where's the love in that, its obvious that futher down the road, we will want to join a band but never a reason to play a bass, that reason is not gonna bring us far anyway

if u ask me, bassist should get a little spot light, hell, bassist should get the same spotlight as a guitarist, obviously he/she has to be good, but i mean bassist need to be love, show more love people...i dont really see them a lot
I like bass alot,
i started off playing guitar, which was fun and all, but when i got a bass, i found it was much more fun and i think its easy than guitar.
I absolutely love to play bass and i now play it in a band =D
I always liked the sounds of things in Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden and my friend had a bass and I decided to give it a shot.
I started playing bass because I loved the deep sound of the bass and, UG Bassists forgive me of my blasphemy, because I thought it was an easy instrument to learn so i could play in a band right away. Easy to learn the basics but alot more physicly demanding and difficult to improve on IMO. Also I loved The solo on Cunning Stunts. (Jason Newsted of Metallica)

I played guitar for a bit but still prefered the deep growl of a bass
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Can't do that with any other instrument.
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70% of the people at my school play guitar, i'm completely inept at using a pick, and basses are just so much more asthetically pleasing than guitars IMO
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The bass is just awesome in my book. It's underappreciated but when you hear the groove. WOW!
cuz todd snider made a song that said the only way to groove is on a bass guitar....

You can't groove on dope
You can't groove on wine
If you're trying to catch a groove watchin' TV
Man you're a'wasting time
Well you can do what you want
You want get far
You know the only way to groove is on a bass guitar

You find a loose little rhythm
Then you lock in tight
Yes you roll on it over and over
'Til it sounds just exactly right

You can learn to sing lead if you need to be a star
But the only way to groove is on a bass guitar

I said it fills out the bottom, dirty and mean
It's down right greasy when the soundman's clean
You know the eyes in the room they all lookin' at the star
The butts are all shakin' to the bass guitar
Joe's Blues
Duck Dunn came to me in a dream and said...thou are blessed.

Seriously? I have always loved the bass. It resonates with me like no other instrument ever has...
I play guitar really. But I love the bass. I do prefer guitar over bass. But I feel a bass is indispensable in a band. If the bassist fails to our band reaharsal, we call it of. Theres nothing more sucky than a band with two guitars and a drum, really lacks somthing. And that is the bass. I love it, I love bass, it provides songs with groove, a rythm that can not be achieved with any other instrument.
I actually started on bass because I just wanted to play something different. Guitar was too common and drums are just huge and too much to deal with. Also I my friends were a guitarist and a drummer, so that really pushed me to pick it up.

Now I've expanded to guitar but I'm deffinitely a bassist at heart. Ballsyer instrument

Oh and I'm never devoid of limelight on stage, I'm always the guy in the band jumping around like a complete idiot and waving his hair around
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Always just loved to listen to bass lines and I don't have singing or multi-tasking talent needed to be a drummer or singer lol.
I like bass because the bassist always seems to be the most serious musician/best song writer. Bassist I think also have a lot more opportunity to jam out and really enjoy playing rather than guitarist who always have to impress everyone. If you do one bass solo, everyone will adore you, while if you do 6 guitar solos, everyone will just shrug it off lol.
For me its just teh sound. I started off wanting to learn and play bass and wasnt even interested in the electric guitar. I just love that deep, punchy tone it delivers. What really made me start to play bass was Joe Principe from Rise Against, used to be an awesome bassist, last album i think he got a bit lazy. Maybe its just because i expanded my horizons.
well i had a lot of reasons why i like bass the most, but i was playing like Sting (with thumb) and now it's blistered so......

lol tru story bout the thumb blister. Maybe i can be more positive after that goes away. (;
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i dont really choose to play bass over other instruments. i played bass cause my friend needed a bass player and i am trying to fit my part(black guy playing bass). then i turned out to really like it. and cause i played trombone i learned how to read music because of that. and now i play for a church, jazz combo, rock band, and school jazz band (which is really good). but i dont really choose bass guitar over my other instruments cause i like bass, upright, and drums most. but bass was the second instrument i learned out of the 7 i know how to play.
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I mainly picked it because it was something different and the sound of it was pretty cool. It was a great decision, probably one of the best I've ever made.

On stage however, I have get just as much attention (if not more) than our lead guitarist. I have a 4x10 and 1x15 cab that's almost as tall as me and thus, I'm always easily. Also, all the other bassists in my school just play root notes and boring lines all the time. I slap a lot and use effects and the majority of the high school crowd that we play for has never heard bass slapping before or really any stand out bassline.
I first started bass for my school band, but i'd only play it for band, never any other time.
Long story short, I moved schools, and the bass never got played. One day I was sitting here strumming along on my acoustic, loving the groove, the rhythm. It popped into my mind that the part i enjoy most about guitar, was mainly a bass characteristic.

I put the acoustic down, picked up the bass and BANG. It's like sex, you have no idea what you're doing, but you know it's awesome and it's what you want to be doing all the time from that moment on.

I just cliakc really well with my bass, plus I play with more emotion and I actually feel the music.

Cheers, Dave.
I sucked at the others, had no interest. I still, to this day, have as much drive to play piano and trombone as I do to eat a lump of coal.

bass, it was less, 'that LOOKS cool...' it was 'I could listen to this GROOVE all F***ING DAY!!' it was not an image thing, ever. never. bass is so embracing of every part that you don't get bored, but it isn't ridiculously hard.
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My friend and I decided to start a band when we were young. I was supposed to get a guitar because I had prior musical knowledge(band and choir in school) and we fell into the idea that guitar was harder. Well, he ended up picking up a guitar before me so I got a bass. I'm soooo happy he did that. I own guitars now but nothing will ever replace my love for bass...not even women haha. The groove just makes me feel so good. It's like the adrenaline rush you get at the top of the hill on a big roller coaster but it's sustained through the whole song.
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I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and most of the kids where playing guitar and i wanted something different. The first time i picked up a bass was in my music class and i knew then that i wanted to play it.
Originally it was because my fingers seemed way too big for a guitar, but now I stick with it for the loud rumble, low ended, mother f-ing NOISE!!!
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The strings are further apart than on a guitar... seriously. I have dyspraxia and one of the problems is bad coordination and clumsiness (so obviously that means bad aim...)

I played guitar for 5 years (still do, actually, a total of 9 years) and was pretty crap at it (again, still am). I bought a bass out of boredom and ended up playing it for 6 weeks straight, never picked my guitar up once.

Now I only use a guitar to write music on, i rarely play it otherwise. I'm a far better bassist than I am guitarist (not that this is anything to be proud of anyway )

Saying that, I'm now a drummer in a band because I find it fun. I prefer bashing the hell out of a drum kit most of the time but I do occasionally play bass live.
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I don't give two monkey sh*Ts about limelight. I play for myself. If other people enjoy it, that's a bonus, that's great. I couldn't give a flying toss if the guitarist or singer gets all the attention. I don't care if drummers look cooler. I play bass because it appeals to me, the timbre, the tings you can do with it... If anyone puts the "famous" factor first when choosing what instrument to play, you're in it for the wrong reasons.

No-one can advise you if playing bass is worthwhile to you or not. We don't know you. We don't know what you're about. We don't know what you feel when playing. Only you can know that, and only you can make a decision.
More to explore, plus it's deeper and darker and all sorts. Plus everyone plays guitar or drums, thought I'd go or something different.
I think most bassists started on guitar, usually as a kid. The majority of us can still play an okay guitar. You know, at least Green Day (beginner) level. Even when the bass is way down and all it's doing is setting a backdrop with the drums, you may not notice it, but if you take it away, people notice.
And I started bass because of awesome-sounding basslines. Who wouldn't want to play that stuff? It's freaking AWESOME.
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to be honest? because I could not afford cello, so i went with #2
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I started playing bass because some of my friends and I were going to start a band and we all agreed on our instruments. Needless to say, the band never started, but I did develop an awesome hobby and I would never even think about giving it up.

and just to seperate from the rest of the crowd... so many people play guitar but not near as many play bass, personally I like being individual, which is part of the reason that I took up bass...
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