A couple of friends and I are going to a Trivium concert on the 15th, and we were wondering how much concert t's would be. The only real concert i've been to is Rod Stewart (I know, lame) and shirts were about $50, but my friends mom paid for them. We wanna know how much money they'll be, so does anyone know an approximate cost?

Thanks in advance

I was thinking it might be a bit cheaper than normal, as concert tickets were only $16
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30-40 bucks. At the Metallica show they were $30, but I paid $35 because I wear XXL. Lamb of God I also paid either $32 or $35 for mine (XXL). Same for Slayer. Usually depends on the show though.
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normally depends on the show, id bring like 50 just to be safe
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overpriced shirts for overrated bands. I wouldn't pay more than $25.
Rod Stewart is not lame.

Id say Trivium could go anywhere from 30 to 40.
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Probably thirty or so. Might as well take more than that just in case.


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trivium? they're probably made out of the drummer's butt hair, and hand woven by their grandmothers. or is that dream theater?

clapton/winwood t's were $50. expect like, $20 though, because clapton tickets were $80
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Most concert T's i've seen/bought have been about $30-$45. Bring $50 and you'll be good for sure.
Just wait awhile, then buy it off the band's website. The price will pretty much be halved. No use paying $30 for a Trivium shirt
For a band like Trivium, 30-40 bucks. It depends on how well-known the band is. Every local show I've been to shirts were cheap.
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When they came here, my brother bought one and it was like 40 dollars/
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