alright quick question buying the 6505+ n for a cab unfortunately all i have is the fm100 by fender. I'm aware its a very low end cab, but my knowledge of amps is not very great. So what i was wondering is will this sound like garbage or should it not really matter for the time being, because i heard 6505+ head is pretty sick. How much will the cab effect it, oh yea its 4x12 for anyone who doesn't know any ideas?
The 6505 will sound fantastic. All a better cab would do is enhance the sound.
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Well. The answer isn't going to really be the one you're looking for. The FM cab is horrible. You already seem to know that. Having a great head is definitely going to improve your sound, but that cab is more than likely going to make the head sound like crap as well. I'd definitely get the head, but save up and get a cab next.

The other guy was partially right, but low quality speakers are going to make your sound low quality as well.
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I had one, it was ok. It did that job thats about it. If its all you have to work with I'd go with it til you can save up.
just keep it until you have enough money to buy a better cab
bum cabs arent as bad as they seem, you should check out my cab
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