I feel like this is the only way to get replies: I will go C4C.
Cool? Cool.

So, I worked on the main (B) section of this for a while, had the idea brewing, then I concocted what became the A section (but in my mind it's still the B, so in terms of format I say it goes BABAB, not ABABA).

The melody kind of fell into my lap, serendipity at its finest.

And the solo, I asked myself, WWJD? What would John (Frusciante) do? haha I haven't been listening to the Chili Peppers in a while but this just felt like a John moment, so I tried to do my version of how he would solo on this track.

Acoustic - Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500M.
Electric - Yamaha SA503TVL through a Peavey Classic 30 (no pedals).
Mic - Macbook FTMFW! I can't believe the lack of noise, especially considering I left my dehumidifier on in the background.
Editing software - GarageBand with AudioWish Reverse Sampler plug-in.

Well, after the build-up, here it is. Hope it lives up to the hype. It's the first one, by the way, "Queen's Eyes".

Any criticisms are welcome and appreciated.
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Wow! Real skill to compose such a complicated piece... nice cross-rhythms at the start.
Everything developed over the course of the piece, ensuring that i would want to find out more and more!
It is very well mixed, and listenable - I never got bored with it, wanted to listen to more and more... i really like the distorted solo, really fits with the rest of the piece.
Btw, i really like your other pieces too!

Keep it up man!

C4C (all songs on profile)?
Sounds great! I especially like how you have managed to have that many tracks of acoustic guitars without making it seem cluttered or too busy! It's all very smooth and soothing and the harmonics fit perfectly! Also that Epiphone sounds amazing!
Thanks. I actually doubled the rhythm guitar, then had two playing the melody and 5-note patterns, another one adding other accents (notably the melody an octave lower in the second A section) and more of those 5-note patterns you hear at the outro, and then the electric on top of it all haha I hadn't looked at that before but I guess six layers is quite a few.
Also, my guitar says thanks too...it has served me very well, such a great fit for me. I'd recommend it to just about anybody. If I had might choice, I might've taken rosewood when I bought it, but the solid mahogany does the job more than adequately.
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This is really good man, it's really soothing make's you think. The layering in the guitars is great gives the song many different feels. The solo at then end was also well placed, this gives off like John Frusciante's solo stuff type of a vibe. Overall dude that was solid keep it up.

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its really peaceful and i love that 5 note melody its blends so nicely, really good work
i could play like eric clapton if i had his gear...anyone could
Hey man this is a really nice track. Extremely lush, love the harmonics and the feel this has. Very very nice to listen to, and very interesting as well. Love the lead lines over the top. I have added you on myspace, I'll take a listen to all your tunes. Love the little distortion before the electric comes in!
I randomly clicked the link from you posting in one of my threads.

I'm really feeling the melody. It's really relaxing and upbringing. I wish i could write like that. The solo caught me completely off guard, but it still sounded amazing. I love it, man.
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I randomly clicked the link from you posting in one of my threads.

I'm really feeling the melody. It's really relaxing and upbringing. I wish i could write like that. The solo caught me completely off guard, but it still sounded amazing. I love it, man.

Thanks brother. Coming from somebody with a concert list like yours in your sig, that's righteous haha...glad you can diversify. But yea, the melody, as I said, really was a happy accident. I don't record myself often enough, but when I do (like I did with this tune) and listen back, my mind gets on another channel where I can add another layer, be my own partner in guitaristry, and that's just what happened here. Nothing more than noodling.
As for the solo, I didn't want to shock the balls off of anybody with it, which is why I stuck with fewer, slower, longer notes, big dramatic bends (if you listen I over-bend a nasty bit very close to the beginning), heavy reverb, thicker tone...that kind of idea. But I still did want a bit of a left-field vibe, which is why I chose to use distortion and reverse sampling.

Glad you enjoyed it. Share it with the people! Send it to your friends, anything.
Thanks all.
This is phenomenal. It's really quite the touching and emotional piece, and it really delivers a very passive mood.