I'm strolling, drunk as a punk,
past an abode. I stop to dunk my head
in the waxy light. Boding my - my -
Biding my time. Bright yellow eyes.
The thin transparent membrane lets me see...

Your son's in the other room lit by tv.
You're in the kitchen mixing drinks, I think
and, in lieu of a familial hug, you give him some spirit.

I've been out and about I've had my fill
of wind-milling people and slow-swilling chat.
Semantically a worthless night but I must be fuller cause i need to pee.
And that's that.
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Thanksgiving approves

I really liked how the rhyming worked. Especially the "Mixing drinks, I think"

Well done sir.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
I quite like it meh!
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Taking the piss out of Americans is like bullying retards, it's unashamedly one-sided but extremely gratifying.