Hey guys!!

I'm getting a sweet deal on a used original Peavey 5150 Halfstack ($500 for head and cab!)

Currently i own a L6 Spider Valve 212 which i am not too happy with. I used to own a 5150 halfstack back in college and loved it to death but do remember it having some hiss on hi gain and not a wonderful clean channel.

I don't want to lose this deal but i will need delay, reverb, comp, and noise gate, vintage OD.
I could go purist and get stomp boxes, or i thought i could get a Digitech RP1000 and use the 4 cable method. That way i could get all my clean sounds from the RP and use the lead channel of the 5150. I am concerned about tone loss, coloration of the 5150 tone from the RP and any noise issues.

It does seem like a very convenient one stop solution!!

If i go with stompboxes, do u think a Tech 21 Blonde character series pedal set to clean would improve the clean of the 5150 ?

What should i do guys ?


the Clean channel is still usable tho

and i would go with stompboxes.

and sell your SpiderVALVE and buy a Fender Blues Junior or a Vox AC25/30 for your cleans
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didn't even read your post.

stomp boxes.

If not, get a rack multi FX or something
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I have a RP250 kicking around...

got tired of its "marginal" effects capabilities and now only use it for its drum machine

buy stomp boxes. way better quality
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get that 5150 NOWWWW before its too late... 500 for both head and cab... i was thinking of spending liek700 just on a head.... NOWW i say
Quote by Slash25
look for any true bypass stomp box

This is a silly statement.

There are tons of cheap/awful true bypass pedals, and an equal number of great buffered pedals.
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I really like Multi effects pedals..but they usually only reproduce the effects with a grade
of B+ at highest when compared to the original. There are also so many combinations
of effects that they can't be all tested. So some effects do not work together.

I have a Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal because I found one that was only 1/4 the price of the Univibe. It all depends on your needs though. I use a Starcaster chorus pedal from Target because I only need a use a touch of chorus. If chorus was the core of my tone...It wouldnt work.
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