After having a few ouija experiences with other people's boards, I finally went out and purchased my own. I figured in this thread we could talk about Ouija, EVP, or anything else of such nature, share stories, advice and all that nonsense.'

I'll start us off with a story:

About a year ago some friends and I made a ouija board out of a folder and a plancett out of a piece of cardboard we had cut in to a triangle. After getting a series of ridiculous answers like saying it's name is "Jesus" pronounced the Mexican way, we asked it which of the seven lottery tickets we had purchased was a winner. the plancett pointed to a 9-ball scratcher, which we scratched off and sure enough, we won 50 cents from it. The board then spelled out "Haha" and explained to us that it was a lucky guess. At the end of our session the board apologized for giving unreasonably lengthy answers and then threw the plancett off the table. Twas amazing.

Anyone else have funny/scary Ouija or EVP stories to share? Has anyone here ever tried EVP or Ouija?
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I have a really interesting but completely unrelated story involving drugs, sitar music, and having and out of body experience.
But really guys. Ouija. EVP. Spirits. Something. Please?
I've tried Ouija with my sister and her boyfriend last year or so. We just sat in the dark with some candles lit for about an hour. Nothing happened.

It sucks.
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Wow that's really interesting that one of the only few chances a spirit will have at communication was helping you win the lottery!
No ****ing thanks... Creepy **** is creepy.

My aunt had one and they tried to burn it, and it wouldn't burn. Then she was in a car accident, and her son broke his leg... All sorts of crap started happening.

One of my sisters friend had one and a week after playing it, her bf was killed in a car wreck.

**** that.
Tis a load of S.H.I.T.E.

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I once had a Ouija board get stuck up my ass. Worked just the same though.

Also this.
EDIT: Not me personally, but the concept, man!

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It's nonsense.
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