Thanks man, in fact, I improvised the solos!

I really love Deep Purple, and all the stuff from the 70's, you noticed it :p

Edit: god damn it you personnal myspace is awesome
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Yeah I get that Deep Purple vibe as well. I like the grit the guitar has it almost goes to like a Black Sabbath tone but you go back to that rockin riff I like the little breakdown before that the solo at around 2:12. Overall I really dug it man.

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Hey man. The beginning sounds a llittle wonky timing wise, but its cool anyway.
Nice groove. This wasn't really what I was expecting for "hard rock" though haha. Still nice.

This certainly has an identity of its own, it sounds good. Nice dueling guitar work.

The solo is cool, nice tone. I would work on the phrasing a little bit though. It sounds somewhat disjointed.

Overall a fun listen! Nice job.

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When I say hard rock, i might refer to classic hard rock from the 70's

Yeah I was actualy pretty f**ked up when i recorded this it was like 5 am! Usaly I play better!

I'm gonna check out yours!
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That's a real nice groove you got going on there, man. The riffs are chunky and dirty, sounds really good. The tone of the rhythm guitars sound a little off, though. Maybe try using the neck pickups?

The solo sounded pretty good, man. Liked it. The section afterward and the second solo was a real good change of pace. It was a little different, but it still carried the same groove throughout the whole song. Overal it's pretty cool, man.
I like the bluesy feel this has along with some of the pretty catchy riffs. The solo fitted in perfectly as well, good job with that. I think that sometimes the guitars are out of time, so that could be somthing to fix. Nice tempo change as well, it helped mix the song up nicely. Possibly some of the bends are off in the second solo. Otherwise this song has a lot of potential and I think there's plenty of room to add vocals?
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Otherwise this song has a lot of potential and I think there's plenty of room to add vocals?

yeah! I already wrote some, but i'm not singing
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Yeah like said above, this reminds me of something almost like Jethro Tull or Deep Purple would have played. I like it! Great work man, keep it up.

Likin' it.

As said before, it sounds a lot like that early 70s scene of rock, like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and Zeppelin an such. Liked all the riffs throughout the song. The bridge was cool. Quality was pretty good, not perfect but whatever. The leads and solos were a bit sloppy. The phrasing was nice for the most part, it was just sloppy. Especially the bending, needs work on hitting the notes better. Vocals would help this song a lot. It's all very good though, just work on soloing, and tightening everything up. It has potential.

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