Hey. I'm a 16 year old guy trying to start a metal band in Aiken, SC. I can play and sing at the same time, so if we were doing stuff like Megadeth, Death, or Metallica, I could do that. Not good with vocals like Amon Amarth. I've been playing guitar for about two years now and I'm good enough to be lead. I was in a band before, but it got nowhere, so I know what NOT to do.

I know music theory and am decent in improv. I'd want to start gigging soon, so you would have to provide your own gear, of course. I'm looking for a bassist, drummer, and a rhythm guitarist, so lemme know if you'd like to get together and jam to see if we're good together and then we can talk about starting a band.
Why are none of you guys ever in North Carolina? Good luck on finding a band.

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