Does anyone play drums in michigan anymore?????
im starting a band we got an amazing singer damn good bass player and guitarist
we play death metal we need a good drummer. and a 2nd guitarist come on drummers where the f**k are you
i play with a great drummer and am looking for an amazing singer but death metal isnt mine or the drummers bag.
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Hey, I'm not really a drummer, but I can play the guitar pretty well. I've been playing for about five years, and I'm self-taught. I have an ESP AL-600 and a Line 6 Spider II half-stack, and a couple of other guitars and pedals. I've played in other bands, but they didn't last long because the other guys weren't as serious as me about being in a band. I learn fast and I love pretty much all metal music. I live in Almont, in between Romeo and Imlay City.