hell no. also, Fender amps probably aren't the best for metal IMO.

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you sir, have just won for this statement. =D

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btw im looking for a great amp that ill play with for years loud enough for bars and what not
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does the gallen kruger sound better?

or you may want to look at the Kustom Groove C 310 combo, it is a High wattage SS amp that would be better suited for bar gigs and it has plenty of bells and whistles and one thing for sure it will last for a long time.and is louder than you will ever need to use it in any bar or night club.and has XLR direct outputs to di to a PA system.
much better all round amp than the fender or the GK or anything else in its price range
but about the only place you can stilll get them is www.musiciansfriend.com but shipping is free right now so you may want to get in on that while you can.
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I like Ashdown too in fact I am wanting a little giant 350 head and a lot more lighter than the Kustom too but THe Kustom would still be the best all round bang for the buck; it packs a lot more power and head room than you can get from any thing else in its price range plus it has all the features as any of the Ashdowns +
But thats just me YMMV
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oh btw does any one know of some amazing sounding practice amps?
Please don't triple post. The edit button is there for a reason .

But to answer your question I will say the Orange Crush Series. I have the 35b and it's great IMO.

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but my friend told me rumble series are really ****ty

Yes they are.
alright ive just been really carfull cause i wanna get an amp im gunna love for years because ive been bugging my parents for like a year5 about getting one so i want to make it last
If you want a good amp that will last, save up. The Kustom is good, the Ashdown is good, the Bassman is good, but not the best. Save up a good amount of money and consider going used.

Also, there is no such thing as an amazing practice amp.
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you could save up anther $150 an d get a 250 watt version of a bassman, i love their tone and i played in a bar last night and it was more than loud enough plus it got an xlr output so you can go into the pa if they have one
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they have a 115 too, which is cheaper. That way, you can eventually get the 410 if you want it. And if you ever decide to upgrade to a stack, you'll already have a 410