maybe joni mitchell? she was a long time before elliott smith, but they are a bit similar i guess.... nobody is quite like elliott though
Clocks tick. Your days are numbered in low digits.
You look suspicious - suspect niggas is bitches,
Get chopped up, grade-A meat, somethin' delicious
thanks guys. those are some sweet artists you've posted. some of them i haven't heard of, but i checked them out and really like them.

but you're right, keithmoon15, nobody is quite like elliott.
For a minute there
I lost myself
Cat Power
Joni Mitchell

and also check out this new girl called Gabby Young
her debut albums coming out soon and judging by her live performances is going to be really cool
i think on her website if you pre order it you get gig tickets and signed merch and stuff

Cat Power are fantastic. You are Free is such a good album. I prefer it to Greatest, which is still a top record.

I would reccommend Elizabeth anka Vajagic, of Constellation records. She's cool.
Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again.

The Books.