Yes I know this is a dumb question but when you are plugged into a distortion/overdrive pedal and into an amp, when you press the pedal to turn it on, is it supposed to be louder? I mean without the pedal I play my amp on like 5 or 6 (bedroom) but with my pedal I can only bear to play up to 2.5-3 in my bedroom.

Also on my Visual Sound Jekyll hyde pedal, the OD side his substantially louder than the Dist. side. What's the problem here? And how can it be fixed?
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check the level on the pedal? try puttin it at about 12 o clock, it should be roughly the same volume with the pedal on and off

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Overdrives basically just boost the signal and clip it a little, so it is not uncommon for it to be a tad louder, but as said above, turn the level down a little.
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The idea is for you to set the overall output level to taste, so that when you kick it in you get a solo boost or w/e you want. I usually set everything around unity gain (meaning when you kick in the pedal your overall volume stays nearly constant).
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An overdrive pedal is a distortion pedal that emulates and overdriven tube amp. But it is a distortion pedal.

A lot of the time, though, you'll hear people using an overdrive pedal as a boost. Gain set to 0 and the level all the way up. This will make your amp louder.

A lot of the time with distortion and fuzz pedals, though, if you turn up the volume, and the gain on the pedal, too high, you'll lose definition in your sound. So that's why a lot of folks don't run the volume/level/output of a dist. box as high as on an OD pedal.

Now, another reason why using a boost/overdrive can make your amp seem louder is because of the way it affects your EQ. Usually, an OD will add mids, making your amp seem louder.

As far as the pedal you have, I have no clue.
Well really, the only way I can get the dist. side to match the original amp volume is just about all the way up... The overdrive is always loud.
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