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NAD collection MK ii July 2009

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OK, with all the killer NADs (New Amp Days) lately (and soon to be) I figured I'd start a collection thread of new amp day threads. I'm going to go back in time a bit and collect the epic NADs so if I miss one or you find one that is that is not posted - POST A LINK TO YOUR NAD IN HERE.

If you would like to just post your new gear in here I don't have a problem with it I just didn't want it to turn into a big spam fest with 4 pages of people talking about 1 NAD. That is what individual NADs are for. But if you've got something small, common, or just don't feel like creating a thread, we'll see how it goes.

I loves me some amp pronz and NADs are just so funkin' cool. The box, the excitement, the reorganization, the first test, the pics, the clips, the whole shabang


Lets start with...

the nad collection thread
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....and not in chronological order

1. Marshall JCM800 2203 '97 (May 2009)

2. Line 6 Vetta combo

3. Hughes & Kettner Warp X

4. Framus Cab and what used to be the Classic 30

5. Splawn Nitro (not really a NAD because he was banned at the time so I posted his amp for him in his 'Ultimate Amp Search' thread.

6. Randall RM4 and Mesa 2:90

7. Ampeg VH-140 combo/ Mesa Road King/ G-Flex cab

8. Marshall 6100 30th Annv head (June 09)

9. Seymour Duncan Convertible and Splawn Nitro content

10. Teh Deleted Diezel NAD

11. Genz Benz El Diablo

12. Rocktron Preamp, Mesa .50 Cal, Line6 Vetta head

13. 6505+

14. Mesa DC5

15. Mesa Single Rectifier

16. Peavey Ultra 120 head

17. Fender vintage content

18. Framus Cobra

19. Soldano SLO

20. Diezel Herbert

Well, that was long fun ride MC. I guess you are done now


Quote by MatrixClaw
The guy I traded was asking $1000.

I bought my Mark IV for $1200, sold it for $1750, bought a Splawn Nitro, traded it for a Mesa Road King, traded the RK for a Randall RM4 and Mesa 2:90, traded the Randall RM4 for the JCM 800 2203, which I then traded for the 6100.

*Derek, you may want to review these and make sure I've got it
right. It get's confusing*

Quote by MatrixClaw
Oh god... let's see...

1. Started with a Peavey Raptor and Backstage package.

2. Then I went to an Ibanez SZ320 and Vox AD30VT.

3. Then I traded in the SZ on a Gibson Faded SG and bought a Jackson DXMG (which came with a free Crate GX15-R, which my girlfriend now has). Also had my dad's old Sunn Concert lead fixed, and got a Marshall 1960 cab:

4. Somewhere in there I sold my DXMG and bought an LTD EC-1000. Also traded the Sunn for a 5150 combo:

5. After that, it gets a bit hazy on what I had guitar-wise. I do know that I sold the 5150 and got a Mesa Mark IV though (after I bought a Laney VC30 and Mesa F-30, which I sold quite quickly after owning).

6. Bought a Seymour Duncan Convertible combo

7. Then I sold that, got a Splawn Nitro.

8. Traded that for a Mesa Road King combo.

9. Traded that for a Diezel Einstein 100, traded back cause the guy was a dick.

10. Traded RK for a Randall RM4 and Mesa 2:90.

11. At some point I got a Lopoline 2x12, Ampeg VH-140C, Genz Benz G-Flex, American Strat, Ibanez RG3120. Sold the SG, traded the Strat for an SG Standard, traded the RG for an ESP Viper, traded the EC-1000 for a Jackson RR5. Bought an Aria Nexter, traded the Jackson RR5 for an ESP Vintage Plus Tele, traded the G-Flex cab for a Washburn WMS. Bought an ADA MP-1 to go with the RM4. Bought an Edwards E-LP-92SD. Sold Lopo 2x12.

12. Traded the VH-140C for a Peavey Classic 30 combo, bought a Framus Cobra 4x12.

13. Got a Hughes and Kettner Warp X somehow. Bought a Mesa Recto 4x12.

14. Line 6 Vetta II Combo, Lonestar Strat. Traded combo for Gibson Les Paul BFG.

15. Marshall 2203.

16. Traded 2203 for a 6100. Current setup, 6100-Framus Cab/Warp X-Mesa cab.

17. Epiphone Standard Plus, MIJ Fender Strat, Ibanez RG7620, Krank Chadwick. Traded Warp X for Carvin DC727.

18. Traded WMS for Ibanez S1520. Traded something for Genz Benz El Diablo. Traded for Ibanez PGM100.

19. Traded El Diablo for Mesa .50 Caliber +, bought Rocktron Gainiac II. Traded PGM100 for a Warmoth Strat & Line 6 Vetta HD head.

20. Traded Vetta for 6505+ and pedals. Traded Warmoth for Mesa DC-5 combo, sold .50 Cal. Bought PRS CE-22.

21. Traded 6505+ for Mesa Single Rectifier.

22. Bought Peavey Ultra 120 and 4x12 cab. Sold both Mesas, and the 4x12 cab.

23. Survived off Ultra and tons of amps I had going to Russia.

24. Bought 1960 Fender Champ.

25. Bought Framus Cobra.

26. Bought ____ *will be here this week

Jesus Christ

the nad collection thread
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OK, now for us regular people


Kyle's AxeFx NAD

Matt's insane New Gear Day. Suhr, CAA, Diezel Hagan, Orange Thunderverb

One of his JD cookie tins. Search his threads for others.

gregs1020 - Blackstar HT-5 in WHITE!

gregs1020 - Marshall Studio 15 (you are catching up to MatrixClaw)

gregs1020 NGD thread (Soldano content)

gregs1020 - Bassman NAD

gregs1020 - Crate VC 2010

gregs1020 - Fender Vibroverb

gregs1020- Ampeg Jet 20

gregs1020 - Washburn hollow body for $50

gregs1020 - bunch of gear!

gregs1020 - earlier 70's JMP


gregs1020 - Budda SuperDrive 18 and Carvin 4x12

gregs1020 - Peters - Custom Dual Channel and 311's Avatar 212

lost track somewhere in summer 2010

gregs1020 - Soldano SLO

gregs1020 - Fender Champ

gregs1020 - Ceriatone 18w clone

gregs1020 - CEC Toll Free Express


Bostonrocks- Laney AOR NAD ('08)

Bostonrocks - Blues Junior Tweedness

Bostonrocks - Vox AC15CC1

Bostonrocks - Marshall JCM900

Bostonrocks - ADA MP-1 preamp, Peavey 50/50 power amp, Laney Cab

Bostonrocks - Laney GH50L head

Bostonrocks - future Splawn NAD (23 months, 11 days, and counting)

Prophet of Page - Cornford Carrera NAD and Hellcatcontent ('08)

Erock503 - Splawn Nitro

Erock503 - Blackstar HT-5 - Blackstar HT-5

rhettro - Krank Rev Pedal Thread (if you have not seen this you must now)

Kevin Saale - Crate Powerblock reamp rig

stratman13 - Line6 Flextone III

Shadow 666 - Marshall Valvestate VS100 head and Ashdown cab

denied - Carvin Legacy and Earcandy Buzzbomb

denied - Fender Super-sonic and Custom Shop Strat

denied - 1963 Fender Blonde Bassman

denied - Mesa Mark IV and epic pedals

denied - Fender '64 Princeton

Oldmonkeys - Wizard NAD

311's Valveking yay

311's- Splawn NAD

311's - Splawn Cab Day and Headshell

311's - Sears Amp Blow Up

311's - Blackheart Killer Ant head

311's - Peavey Vypyr 60 nadness

the nad collection thread
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Who Else?......................bump it bitches

Quote by AcousticMirror

IbanezPsycho - Peavey 6505+

IbanezPsycho - Ampeg VH140C

IbanezPsycho - Epiphone Valve Jr

IbanezPsycho - Randall RM4 and Blackstar HT5

IbanezPsycho Take 1 Take 2 Take 3 Take 4 Take 5 Take 6 Take 7 Take 8 Take 9
updated Rack Gear, Studio, Carvin Legacy

nutinpwnsgibson - Marshall Valvestate 8080 combo

xwearesinking's Orange tubes in a Flexwave NAD

eyebanez333 - Vox Night Train

eyebanez333- Peavey XXX

eyebanez333 - Peavey Tour 450

eyebanez333 - Epi Jr, Vypyr 15, JCA20

Yngwi3 - Diezel Content

jambi_mantra Diezel content

greggybhoy Vox content

leondb Classic 50 content

leondb - AXL Akita AT30 content

the nad collection thread
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skralan - Ibanez Thermion TN120 120W Halfstack

TimBFMV - Kustom Double Barrel

big arm - Luker Tiger 20w

evo462 - Line 6 Vetta combo

pak1351 - Ampeg '65 Jet combo

idiotbox919 - Randall

gnaraaron - Vox AC15

Dr. Pain-MD - Traynor YBA

BrickIsRed - Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401 combo

Austin Scharosc - Carvin X100B

Ian hawkins - Laney AOR Pro Tube

NightmareXT Peavey Ultra content

konigstiger 5150 head

StratPlayer15 Tweed BJ (needs pics)

mh400nt Diezel Content

DIFTWOOD 5w Dumble clone

Adrian89 Spider Valve

stangconv Black Heart and Tat content

CesarRoks Vypyr 15

bubb tubbs - JCM800 and other goodies

bubb tubbs - '64 Silvertone

Rhoads 1096 - Vox content

prsrulz91 - Vypyr 30

R.D - JCM800 content

jcp42877 - Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100

zZpashendaleZz - some kind of free Crate in the park?

vermilionx - Roland Micro Cube

ModestAxis - Crate tube amp

Weeping Demon7 - Marshall JCM 800 2210

Sheets514 - Fender Cyber Twin SE

bazzabalboa - Bugera 333x

Cohen5250 - Vypyr 75

passion+warfare - Dual JSX head NAD

thedekker - JSX head (friend of passion's)

njohnsen - Carvin Nomad craigslist win

edbert - Crate Palomino V16

MetalHead916 - Peavey 5150

SGstriker - Marshall JCM2000 DSL

James13v - Genz Benz El Diablo head and Triple X cab
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Juadafi - Blackstar HT-5

Leathal Dosage - Carvin SX300 head and 212 cab

RaggityAnne08 - Peavey Classic 50 Tweed head

Jaekae - Brunetti

ChrisBW - JSX head

riffhog - Music Man '79 RD50 combo

tsukihimeblood - Bogner Alchemist

rhcp-legends - Classic 30 in tweed

Skierinanutshel - Orange TT and Catalinbread content

Skierinanutshel - NTD! (Mullard content)

colonelklink - 5150 combo

DeltaFunk - Crate V5

jags482 - Orange TT and Epi cab

schtick bomb - Bogner Ecstacy

invert-blu - Vypyr 15

Van Noord - Blackstar HT5

nav00 - Krank Rev Jr

fly135 - SuperChamp XD

timzee117 - Splawn SuperStock

Colin617 - Splawn SuperStock, Reeves, Bogner, and a
bunch of other gear

Colin617 - Bogner and Reeves content

Colin617 - Bogner XTC

Colin617 - Gibson Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates LP

danyellenik - Classic 30, SG, Maxon OD, H2O content

Led Head - Marshall Bluesbreaker combo

BD 425 - Traynor YCS50

namesroverrated - Crate Palo V32

Dragonis - 1984 Carvin Series III X100B and its matching

Dragonis - Line 6 Vetta pr0n

pak1351 - Crate Palomino V18

DeathByDestroyr - Ampeg VH140C

DiSTuRBeD -26- - Line 6 Vetta

IbanezRGS - Line 6 Spider, guitars and drums?

eyebanez333 - B52 AT-100 head

CarbonDeath - B52 AT-100 head

PadawanGeek - Blackheart 5w head

BigRob91 - Bugera 6262

shredoftheday - Laney LV100 combo

kayman121 - Triple NAD FRYETTE Sig:X Head, MESA Roadster Head, TITAN 100W Head

kayman's Engl family edition (Savage 120)

kayman121 - ENGL Fireball 100


eXperiment63 - Bugera content and pedal tuner/Peavey Cab

bigfoamfinger - Orange Rocker 30

laxduck - Peavey Royal 8

nospacesallowed - Blackstar HT-5

McLeod - Mesa Single Rectifier (gotta see this cab too)

GuitarDTO - Mashall TSL 100 head

The Real Ming - Gibson Ranger GA 55 RVT head

Bright Light - Dr. Z Maz 38 combo

Necrophagist777 - Peavey XXX head and matching BOA cab - check it

Thrashavich - Peavey XXL combo

I am wet - Blackheart Little Giant stack

gbgg9409 - Marshall Valvestate

eberg2 - Epiphone Valve Special

Carrionshine JCM 800 4104

Persata - Laney VH100 head

miketheslut - Kustom Double Cross tube head

mbob - Marshall JCM 900 and matching cab
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OrangeWalls - Vox AC4TV head

JWZ28 - Blackstar HT-5 head

skralan - Line 6 Flextone II combo

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Nice idea 311.
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selected NxD's

MatrixClaw - NDD *rat ti tat tat*

MatrixClaw - NGD Ibanez RG7620

eyebanez333 - Frankenstrat project

Jhachey22 - Maestro MPS-2 MINI-PHASE

Bostonrocks - Rockman content

Mark G- Sennheiser Freeport instrument wireless set -
Phonic PPC9000E power conditioner - BTR2000 Rackmount tuner - R

2x15 band rack EQ.

I really don't want to do all the NPD's because there are so
many of them. However, if there are some real epic ones
or RARE stuff - please bring it to my attention.

For example I could have a page alone for therealming's stuff
(or whoever that is)

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yeah none of them work for me either
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH

I'd like to file a complaint
It was actually a v32, not a v18.

But anyway, thanks for putting this thread together, I love NAD's.
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yes Derrek - you have your own post duh?

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Not to mention he IS most of the thread
WTLTL 2011
Sweet thread.
Has anyone tried recording with a GHWT or RockBand mic? if so, how does it sound? I might be able to record clipz...
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH

I'll get around to consolidating things and cleaning it up later

I thought that was the point of the new thread. Cool, whatever it's all good.

So how many more amps do I need to buy to get my own page? lol
Quote by gregs1020
I thought that was the point of the new thread. Cool, whatever it's all good.

So how many more amps do I need to buy to get my own page? lol

We should combine our efforts to unseat MatrixClaw.

If my math is correct, buying at least one amp every two weeks, we'll overtake him by 2013.
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Yeah, GregClaw is catching up

Well, I copied the first 3 posts from the old thread onto clipboard and then told jof to close the original. I was cutting grass and drinking lots of beer (you keep cool) and it was pretty late when I started to rebuild. Then, none of the links carried over smoothly so I had to go in and edit each link due to line spacing or somthing. By the time I got done with that I was just too lit and tired.

I've missed all NADs in the past few days and won't be around much this weekend (because i have a life) so please post your NAD in here and I'll get to it later

BigRob91 - Bugera 6262

shredoftheday - Laney LV100 combo

kayman121 - Triple NAD FRYETTE Sig:X Head, MESA Roadster Head, TITAN 100W Head

And MatrixClaw's ibanez (I won't be adding very many NON - AMP gear days so feel special bitch.)

I was about to make sure you didn't skip that massacre kayman inflicted...but I see you have it already
WTLTL 2011
How dare you forget my Flextone!

Just joking. But throw that one up there too if you feel like it

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

kayman121 - Triple NAD FRYETTE Sig:X Head, MESA Roadster Head, TITAN 100W Head

eXperiment63 - Bugera content and pedal tuner/Peavey Cab


I guess I'm the only one who is going to keep this updated

bigfoamfinger - Orange Rocker 30

laxduck - Peavey Royal 8

*Rocker looks great bigfoamfinger
Today's additions,

kayman's Engl family edition (Savage 120)

nospacesallowed - Blackstar HT-5

McLeod - Mesa Single Rectifier (gotta see this cab too)

GuitarDTO - Mashall TSL 100 head
Who else?

Latest that I found,

Necrophagist777 - Peavey XXX head and matching BOA cab - check it

Thrashavich - Peavey XXL combo

I am wet - Blackheart Little Giant stack

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Well, here are the latest ones I found. Let me know if I missed anyone.

TonyIommi2557 - B52 AT112

tubetime86 - Fender Bassman SF and matching Avatar cab

lostjesse - Peavey Vintage 4x10 combo tweed

ameer - Line 6 Vetta and 212 cab

TinyJimbo - Vox AC4TV

CaptDin - Fender Deluxe Reverb combo from 60's (not really a NAD but it's rare)

SimplyBen - Marshall JCM900 2101 combo

JKMV11 - Randall RM80 combo (Ultra Lead and Clean modules)

dudetheman - B52 AT112

Thanks for throwing me up there. Though after Kayman, I'm ashamed of my NAD. God forbid someone spend less than $3,000 per NAD. And don't you dare reply and tell me you spent less, if you did I don't want to know.
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Lol I don;t know why people put these kind of threads...Like it's cool and all but like...shouldn;t you guys be practicing guitar?

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