so a buddy of mine is willing to sell his 4 cyl 5spd b2300 for 900$. its got some body damage not too bad anymore though. and the windshield needs replacing but its got a recently rebuilt head on it, I checked out craigslist to see if its a good deal, but all the b2300's were being sold by dealers, and they were asking about 3500 on average.
oh its got about 242k on it.
you guys thinks this is a good deal?
yeah, its gota rebuilt head and its been in my buddies hands since 65k and they seem to maintain it real well. no leaks or anything.
no. those miles are insanely high. you can do (slightly) better for $900. that truck will be more trouble than its worth.
bad deal. save money a little longer and get a ranger if you want a truck
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better idea:

take that money, and spend it all on lottery tickets.
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the engine was rebuilt about twenty thousand miles ago, and these guys take good care of there stuff.
i think a bunch of people are getting confused with miles and kilometers

For a running truck it would likely be less than $1500. Id go for it.