i absolutely love the look of these guitars, and i think their value is great. however, there are just too many models of the c-1s. i'm curious to see what you think is the best.
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
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i use a hellraiser with FR. wonderful instrument. but i haven't tried out the others extensively.
that's interesting. i heard some stuff about the hellraiser's thick neck. doesn't sound too playable, but i've never tried it myself.
C-1 Classic, fo' sho. That or a C-1 Blackjack ATX FR. Or a Blackjack FR.
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Price range?
Floyd rose or fixed?
EMGs or Seymour Duncan Blackouts?
Sound you are looking for, or what music do you listen to?

The Hellraiser is excellent and comes stock with EMGs (Floyd Rose or fixed - I own the FR).
The Blackjack ATX is excellent (FR or Fixed) as well, but comes with SD Blackouts.
The C-1 Classic is also outstanding, which comes with Seymour Duncan humbuckers: JB at bridge, SH-2N Jazz pickup at neck.

The are all the same build really, but have different specs. More information on what hardware you are looking for would really narrow your search down. You can't really go wrong in the C-1 department, imo.
blues and rock. nothing over $700, but i'm assuming once i find the one i can get a used one for a bit less
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Love my Hellraiser. I have the FR-less one because I find the FR are too much of a hassle.

Not true. Just need to take the time to learn how to use it properly. However, if you don't ever use a floyd, then it is silly to own one.
If you play a lot of blues I would reccomend something with smoother-edged pups like a classic or plus.
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I think schecter's thick necks are exaggerated a little bit, I'm not sure. I have the syn custom. It's not exactly a wizard neck, but it's VERY playable.

May be that it's not as thick as normal schecter necks because it's a sig, but i haven't tried any other schecters i wouldn't know about the contrast between the Syn custom's neck and the neck of any other schecter.

But try a bunch out, if you can. I was surprised, you might be too.

Best of luck


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