Last week when I was testing amps with this old vintage guitar that I've never seen nor heard of. As I kept jammin with it I became more interested in this guitar than the amps.

I asked the shop manager what this guitar was and if it was for sale. The thing was butter, i couldn't resist! He said it was the owners and he liked it so much that it was the only in the shop that wasn't for sale; he just wanted other people to enjoy it as much as he did.

The guitar turns out to be an Aria. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these guitars and what they're actually worth? I know they're japanese, but I'd still love to get my hands on another.
Dude! It just so happens that I bought an Aria Pro II yesterday for just $180, a 1986(?) RS Knight Warrior.

It's a really sweet guitar, I've been loving it so far, the only thing I can really find wrong with it is the pickups... the single coils are pretty noisy, and the humbucker lacks "oomph". But it's got a coil tap for the humbucker, and that's really fun. I plan on switching the pickups out for a Dimarzio Dual Sound and some Seymour Duncan Hot Rails once I get the money.

From what I've read on the Internet, the Japanese made ones are generally really, really nice guitars, made in the Matsumoku factory (pretty famous guitar factory, they made some good stuff from my understanding, they also made some Epiphones and Washburns, as well as Westones, and a few others.)

So you see, mine's a typical shredder superstrat. What did the one you play look like?
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Great find on the shredder axe!

The one i'm talking about is an ES650. It's a semi hollow guitar, and I couldn't keep my hands off it for the life of me
Was it a Gibson copy? They made a lot of those, as well as Fenders.
That guy probably loves it because it's such a great playing guitar for the (probably) low price he payed for it. From what I've read on the Net, they made some damn good stuff for pretty cheap prices. And the one I got is really nice considering what I paid for it.


That site has some good info on it, but unfortunately it doesn't have pics and specs for a lot of models, including the one I have, and the one you played. But it does say that the ES-650 was made between 77-81.
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Ain't the Aria Pro II a bass?

They made basses, but not exclusively. And actually I think Cliff Burton used to play one.
from what ive heard, arias make decent guitars.

if the price is right, go for it.
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i go daily to a pawnshop that's on the same block as my school. once i found an aria pro II for $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it was like the white one. buit in black, and it has a SD on the bridge. IDK how the guy accepted to recieve such a little payment for it. I was going to buy it because it played great, so the neck and the pickup alone were enough for the $50. i returned the next day, and it wasnt there anymore

My 1st electric guitar (still have it, but its a project guitar now) is an Aria Pro II. George Lynch played them for a bit back in the late 80's. Mine is a super strat shape, and of course since it was a hair band guitar (lol) it is a flourescent pink/orangeish color, with a maple fretboard. lol. No pics of it currently, sorry. But I did love that guitar. I will restore it eventually.
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My aria V copy is fawking sex. *off topic * but does anyone know how the serial keys work for arias ?
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