I just recently bought new strings and as soon as i put them in all of them especially the a string seems to clank alot and sounds like its hitting something. They are dunlop strings and was just wondering if other poeple had the same problem or how i can fix it because i paid about 50 bucks and just bought them.
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wats the action mean

distance between the fretboard and the strings
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alrite thanks heaps for your help mate! Once theyre worn out a bit then how can i raise the action?
new strings always have a bit of clacking because they're so bright.
It may be your right hand technique. If you pluck using rest strokes (like most bassists) your fingers are pulling the strings towards the fretboard, the clacking is cause when your attack is hard. Some bassists like this sound, some hate it.

If you don't want that sound I'd reccomend trying our a free-stroke technique, such as the floating thumb. With free-stroke your fingers pull the strings in a more upwards fashion, so they don't clack into the fretboard.

Or, you could also look into trying flatwounds instead of roundwounds.

You don't need to raise your action unless you are getting a lot of fret buzz. String clanking is purely a matter of technique, not setup.
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The problem ended up being the neck was bent slightly the wrong way. Damn!!!
It was backbowed? As in the neck was bent toward the back of the bass?

If so, what's happened is that the new strings you bought are a lighter gauge than the old ones, so they have less tension, which allows the neck to pull back more. This is easily fixed by a truss rod adjustment. You can have someone at a local guitar store fix it if you're not comfortable with doing that. Try to avoid guitar center...local stores will do a better job and charge less.
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