I have a Carvin Bel Air 2x12 (A vintage Tube 50W EL34 driven amp) that I need to start playing some heavy rock with. Since it's more of a bluesy amp, when you crank the gain on the dirty channel of this vintage amp, naturally, it gets a little fuzzy. I want to preserve some of the amps original tube driven dirt (so keep the gain knob at around 50%) but I need something to make it really CRUNCH. Anyone have some suggestions on the best way of doing this? I feel if I just ignore the dirty channel of the amp and replace it with an analog distortion pedal when I wanna play heavy stuff, I'm defeating the purpose of owning a tube amp.... how can I preserve the tube tone, but just add some guts?
Use a boost or an overdrive. That is the standard way.
Check out the Fulltone Fulldrive for a good boost/OD.


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My preference woulod be an OD like a Fulltone OCD or an Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer. An OD will slightly boost the signal and sharpen it up a bit.

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Boss hm-2.
You should be able to pick one up on eaby for like $40.
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ProCo Rat might do the trick.

Or maybe an OD, like the Fulltone OCD or an Ibanez Tubescreamer.
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Boss hm-2.
You should be able to pick one up on eaby for like $40.


TS, what about one of the many 'transparent' overdrives out there? Look into the Danelectro model if you're on a budget.