I want to change the Headstock on my strat-like guitar. It has red paint and the "AXL" logo, how would i go about removing the logo and removing the paint so that i can see the wood(is it the same process as sanding the body, what exactly do i have to do?), and once i go in, what should i expect to find with the logo? it doesn't appear to be screwed on the headstock, maybee its glued on?

here's a pic:
I was at a pawn shop, and I saw this guitar, with a custom Zebra paint job, And I swore it was a Stratocaster, but upon further inspection of the headstock, I could see sanding marks, and the label was put on with cheap ink.

It can fool people very easily. I got fooled...
..I was watching my death.
its more than likely glued possibly with a small peg on the back. just pop it off and sand the headstock till the paint is gone then go over it with 0000 steel wool to smooth it .