Basically i want a good guitar below £500, i dont want a floyd, i dont want bolt on neck and i dont want a single pickup guitar..please help! oh and would prefer 24 frets!
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What kinds of music do you play? Also, what does your current rig look like?
ibanez rg42fx
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i play metal progressive..i have a fender champion 300 amp which i dont like and a digitech death metal which is cool, i'm getting a peavey vypyr 30 but i want a good guitar to go with it
Well that just happens to be much like my guitar.Epi Tony Iommi.I don't know how much it costs over there though.Think of it as a G-400 with some kick ass pick-ups.Oh,and it has twenty four frets.But really any Gibson style guitar (other than a juniour) would suit you.
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I was looking around and found the Ibanez RGT6EXFX..this seems perfect to me its a little over my budget but i could stretch..are these good solid guitars? i know there are reviews but i'd like to check with you guys too :P
Here's a couple of ideas that are worth considering.


Byrny and Tokai would be brands for nice Les Paul copies but only 22 frets, of course.
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