I had a conversation with my mother earlier that I never wanted to have...

She came into my room while I was sleeping and saw my J-shaped penis. "Massaging" ensued.

But in all serials, I told my mom about a date I have coming up. She asked me how old the girl was. I said 17. She gave me a weird look cuz I'm 19. She then, appearing to be dead serials, told me to promise that I wouldn't get intimate with this girl until she turned 18.

Now at this point, I was just about as uncomfortable as I was going to get today. Every impulse in my head was telling me to leave the conversation. Instead, I spent 10 minutes explaining the laws that we have in place here in Delaware that basically say I can **** anyone as young as 15 if I so choose and it would be totally legal. Then she appeared pleased, having learned something today, and left. I'm just now realizing the creepiness of said conversation.

tl;dr - I talked about why I can **** underage chicks with my mom.
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