What are some of the best moviegoing experiences you've ever had?

The one that comes to mind for me is when I saw The Dark Knight at a premiere showing two days before it came out. My best friend painted his face Joker-style, and we had the greatest time waiting in line and getting to know the other people who scored tickets.

The movie itself was IMMENSE. People were clapping, cheering, gasping... Those were some amazing times. The best part was walking out of the theater with the unanimous feeling that the movie had actually lived up to its massive hype.

What about you guys?
Saw the same thing....in IMAX.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Getting a blowjob in the movies.

Good stuff.
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My first time hasn't come yet.. but when I does, I'm gonna die of stage fright

I don't really go to the movies much. Last time I was sat next to two hot british girls who obviously wanted some male attention... but I had my sister to the left of me which made the whole thing kind of weird...

I remember watching jurassic park with those 3d-goggles and let me tell you something... the goggles... THEY. DO. NOTHING.
went to the transformers 2 midnight premiere and the projecter fell and everyone yelled WTF at the same time........it was horrible because the movie wasnt able to be watched and we had to get a refund.
Getting real lucky and catching one of the last showings of Serenity in the theater. How awesome that was...
When I went to see the first Transformers movie I went to the midnight showing and didn't know anyone I knew was going. But throughout the entire movie there were some ****ers in the back row just laughing and throwing popcorn at the screen. When it ended I was walking out and I realized it was just all of my stoner friends who had managed to wind up at the mall.

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