Hi All, this is my first post on this forum.

I am 39, and have recently split with my wife, giving me lots of free time on my hands. I play electric guitar, but only to beginner standard if I am honest. I play mostly Metallica riffs, with the odd bit of a Gary Moore solo and a van halen lick thrown in. I hardly know any theory.

anyway, I would like to start meeting people and playing, to rock out and give me something to do with all my free time. I live in a small rural town on the outskirts of Manchester, UK, so theres not much going on in my town, but Manchester has a far better scene.

I think joining a band etc may be a bit too ambitious for me at the moment, but how can I contact people to rock out with ? On drums, bass, guitar, i dont mind really. Maybe other beginners, and we can learn a song together, one by one.

I am a total beginner at this, so any advice you can give would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance

thanks mate !

I have put an ad on there, lets see if I get any replies.

any more ideas please ?
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