Metal Forum Radio: June 3rd - Regressive Progressive Tendencies

Hullo, it is me again, almost one year after I did my first one. Well as you can guess, especially seeing as it is coming from me, this list has a Progressive slant. But I tried as hard as I could to try and bring up some lesser known bands and give them some exposure.

Sick Cornered Animal by The Great Collapse


Receiver by Alarum


Human Zoo by Multiplex

Fate by Hacride


Meeting Her Eyes by Mindflow


Doldrums by Sun Caged


Thoughts in Exile by Phalanx


The Great Summit by Scale The Summit


JUL 10 Scourge441
JUL 17 duncang
JUL 24 CG Man16
JUL 31 The Kreator
AUG 7 jaaaaa
AUG 14 SeveredSurvival
AUG 21 eazy-c
AUG 28 LucasGtrGod
OCT 04 Webbtje
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Listened to the first two and i'm on to the 3rd.

I have to say 'The Great Collapse' are the best so far.
Multiplex sound like a proper relic!
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Nice, particularly like The Great Collapse (though the harsh vox are pretty crap) and Multiplex. Sun Caged were pretty cool too.
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Unfortunately, (for me) it stopped working during the 3rd song and i couldn't get it working again...

But i'm listening to To-Mera for the first time now so i think my prog addiction will be satisfied for a while.

I'll try again once i'm ready for another new band.
Great list, too bad the only ones I didn't know were Sun Caged and Mindflow...

But regardless, good taste, and it was worth it to find those two.
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Multiplex sound like a proper relic!

My dear Watson, I think you're on to something.
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^Cheers for the general rec VG, I actually never got round to listening to them

Can I nab the earliest October spot?
nice list. great collapse are the best so far i agree, also about the harsh vox, ive just plalanx and i like what i hear so far. and mindflow sounds a bit too much like dream theater if you ask me tho.

edit: definitely like scale the summit too!
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