so I just finished watching Dead Poets Society and was wondering what are your favourite Robin Williams Movies

Pit give me some movies to watch
lol two film questions in a few mins by same person. Mrs doubtfire or flubber or peter pan prob

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I know its not really 'his' film but it has to be insomnia for me, because he steps out of what seems to be his comfort zone and plays a really creepy villian
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Just imagining Robin Williams in scarface makes me chuckle

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he's goo in most movies - except the one with him and ed norton and one of them is dressed in a dinosaur suit.

but i find him at his best doing stand up
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The first one I ever saw was Jumanji, but DPS was very nice I liked that one a lot.
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Well, the problem you have is that Mork & Mindy wasn't a movie...
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Well, the problem you have is that Mork & Mindy wasn't a movie...

I was at some wild life place before and was looking at something that was supposed to contain some deer or something. They were nowhere to be seen. I started whistling the theme tune to Mork and Mindy and all the deer came out. TRUE STORY!!!
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1 hour photo is supposed to be good

it is awesome.

one of my favourite movies ever.
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