Alright, i have a spider 3, hate it. I want to return it, because i can't use different distortion pedals. I know, it's a modeller amp, and i'm retarded. What should i return it for? Is the Marshall MG series capable of distortion pedals? Please help. Thanks a bunch.
Lol, if i return the amp i have money. Bought it a month ago, not that i know of.
Confused. You can use distortion pedals, you can use distortion pedals with any guitar amp.
Do not get an MG. The peavey vypers have alot of good press, have a look at them.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
if you already have your own distortion pedals... look at a valveking, overdrive pedals would be better, but horses for courses
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what dist pedal you got? spider 3's are not the best amps they're a little digital, however MG's are worse, they just sound dead...

why did you buy that amp if you don't like it? look around carefully and pick what's right for you. what's your budget, style, gigs or not? there's a lot to consider
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