Sorry about all these threads about which amp to buy! This is my third...

Before i was thinking the Marshall AVT100XT or the Marshall DSL 401, however now due to me not being able to make up my mind. i'm thinking i should save up for a couple more weeks and get a valve amp suited more for metal. The band Nightwish is a good example of the sound im after.

Can anyone please reccomend me what they beleive is the best amp suited for me?

Thank you so much for your input!
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maybe a used 6505 they go for about 1400 or some kind of randall they.
you could always order a dual rec or something from the states that would be less than 2 basically look at everything suited to metal
and marshall isnt that metal of a brand as a rule they are a more rock kind of amp
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Used Peavey 5150/6506/333xl

New Bugera 6260/6262/333/333xl (These are all peavey clones - but cheaper)

Used Dual Recs run $2000-$2500 if you've already got a cab

Dont get the AVT...Marshall Hybrids are very **** - especially for metal and especially the MG

Randall sell cheap metal amps - look into some of their stuff...
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