Ok guys this might've been asked but I doubt anyone has asked such a question about such a guitar.I have a Washburn X-10.I'm afraid I don't know it's scale but I think it is 25'5. It has 24 frets. I have been on 9 and 10 gauge strings but currently I'm playing in Drop B and I intend to play on Drop B for the next month. I haven't adjusted anything on the truss rod or the neck. If want to use 12 gauge strings because 10 is too loose. Will it mess with the neck if I ONLY stay in Drop B on 12 gauge strings?
so long as you set it up right when you first do change the strings i see no reason why keeping it in permanent drop B, (where the 12-gauge string tension will be adjusted to roughly standard tension and the neck will compensate for the difference) would have any negative effect on your guitar. But make sure you initially set it up properly and keep an eye on it for the first few days
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