Im looking to get back into guitar again, i havent played for quite some time now and want to invest in a semi decent electric guitar for around $1000 if thats possible.

So far ive been thinking about:

Cort G285 but im not too sure about the wilkinson VS50 II trem. not too sure if i want a korean made guitar again aswell.

Also a PRS SE Custom w/- PRS Tremolo.

Tokai strat.

Now im after a bluesy/ melodic rock/ hardrock kind of tone and preferrably with a trem but not a FR had some bad experiences with them.

If anybody could give me some advice that would be great, ive been out of the loop for such a long time, i dont really have a clue whats good and whats not.

and my last guitar was an esp =/
not that esp's are bad, just not for me i guess
well $1000 can get you a fairly decent guitar, depending where you get it.
a les paul, depending on where and when, is always a great choice, epiphone or gibson.
im using a bomb strat atm, and dont plan on buying a new one for a while. its a piece of crap, but i love it.
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you could get a fender showmaster off eBay. they are nice and korean made, but for $1000 you have a lot of options
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imo LTD under the $1000 mark are fairly **** and aren't worth it. i've only have had good experiences with Cort guitars and found them to be one of the better purchases and there's nothing wrong with guitars made in korea and i'm pretty sure the PRS SE range is also made in korea as well.
At the moment i would say the cort is at the top of my list but im still not too sure about the wilkinson trem has anybody dealt with it?
I might sound a bit fussy but i have owned some pretty crappy guitars in the past and want to make sure im happy with this one.
thanks for your opinions
i havent even looked into carvin guitars i might check them out.
Has anyone got an opinion of the Tokai guitars?
I have also seen a few Reverend guitars around ive never heard of them before are they any good?