Edit: I decided to redo the song, just some minor changes in the guitar part but the drums are perfect for RSE now.
I never see Vader-styled death metal round here, only this technical core sh*t so I decided to upload some real death metal here.
The writing itself took 12 hours, but I spend a lot of time on mixing the drums the past months.
This song is strongly influenced by vader(as the title indicates (especially the song vicious circle) and it's all based on the drums.
Death Metal.zip
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Just a thought, not everyone will have a program to open .rar files.

I listened to it with RSE, and the volumes were perfectly level. That in mind, it made the song sound great. I got through half of the song before Guitar Pro's RSE started messing up.

The rhythm doesn't get boring, and I think the leads are just right.
I have no problems with this. I can't pick a favourite bit, though.
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Just a thought, not everyone will have a program to open .rar files.

I'm one of those people.
The rhythm sounded great, nothing you should fix there, and bar 20-21 sounded intense

Only thing I didn't like was the second solo, it came a bit out of nowhere, you could try using the melody of the previous riff and expand on that untill you get at the solo part (kinda vague, I know :P). Also the little drum part after the second solo sounds a little bit overdone, but for the rest, very nice job
thanks for your helpful crit, maybe check out the edited solo that i uploaded somewhere below in the thread too

your song:
that was nice. the intro sounded good, something like slayer? however, if i were you i would just have put in a new riff for the verse or something like that, but thats just me. overall verse 1 sounds fine and the pre-chorus (titled instrumental) is apt but you can surely do with a better chorus. the bridge changed direction a whole lot and it was tough keeping up and for my liking too. break was a welcome relief. the solo2 came in too quick, maybe some chugging before getting it in, also i expected a more shredding type solo to go with this type of song, maybe you can change a bit here and there. the part that follows is the best part of the song, especially that lead fill, my pick of the song! i dont know if it is death metal, sounded something what slayer would do, i.e., thrashy stuff but maybe growling vocals can change that .. i would definitely rate this at 8/10. good job mate