Hi there just have a small specific question and I had a hard time finding any answers googling around.

I'm about to buy myself an Ovation 2078 (link) and I wanted a case for it. I understand that ovation guitars have funny shaped bodies so they don't fit inside "standard" hard cases, but I couldn't actually figure out which of ovations own cases it would fit in.

The ovation 2078 has a "deep contour" body type (as listed on the official website)
and the only case I could find to purchase is the OVATION OV-9158 case which is listed as fitting for "deep bowl". Does "deep bowl" mean "deep contour" fit in it also?

Does anyone have any experience with these guitars/cases and can offer me any tips?
(and if anybody knows whether this case has any space inside it for capos and so on that would be amazing)

Thanks very much
Deep contour is the same size as deep bowl so that case would be fine, and on my ovation case theres a box under the neck for things like capos and picks etc so i assume that the one your looking at also will.
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thanks for the heads up, thats very useful to know

do those cases have shoulder strap to carry them on your back like a rucksack?