Hey guys, I have never used this part of the forum before. I've started recording songs at home in the last month. And I'd like to show of some songs as they get made.

Listen: www.myspace.com/floorislavalol

We like to have fun and be silly.

Vocals will be done within the next month.
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Wow this is actually really good. I agree with the above post about vocals. If you have good vocals in the songs, i can REALLY imagine it getting popular/signed. You need to get a band together to play that stuff and a singer who can make good melodies over it. I heard the voice in Broken Wings, and its really good for that type of song. But for the first three songs, I think a pop-punk vocalist would fit better.
I really really like it. I see much potential.

I'll friend request you from my band's myspace in a sec
Hey man thanks. We've got a chorus for the pop punk song we've been playing around with. We've discovered how awesome layering vocals is. No more of this all in one take stuff to haha.

I might make it downloadable on the myspace, I have MSN and you'd have AIM right? thats wouldnt work.

Your band is catchy to, and I don't nomrally listen to that stuff. Two Years Gone sounds a bit like Every Breath You Take.
Love This is Horrid!!

I would say try going for a more industrial thing then a metal thing though, cos it starts sounds really fresh and odd, the only bits that sound vaguely predictable are the harmonics and stabs. Has a QOTSA Era Vulgaris vibe.

Fake 8 bit tune makes me wet. Too awesome. Maybe take out the mario ring noises at the start, It will make the track less tied to the nintendo thing.

This is cheesy was my least favourite, was ok but def the track that needed vocals most. If the guitars were recorded better that would help too.

Broken Wings, the chorus on the guitar is a little to harsh on the treble.

Really interested in what you use to program you tunes. Get in touch

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thanks man.

Horrid had no thought put into it all. I wrote it to show a friend I was bored lol. Has so many different vibes. Guitar was in a retarted tuning and used a battery for the slidey sounds. That pinch harmonic riff is stupid to play thats why I put it in there

Fake 8 bit, yeah silly silly song to. I have another chip/8bit song on my UG profile check it out man!.

Yeah. The guitars need to be gated or simply played better, so much hand movement on stirng noises. Its repetitive to but fun.

Broken WIngs was recorded 2 years ago onto an 8 Track by a legally Blind sound engineer. We know its rubbish. We've tried that song in so many different versions and I've grown tired haha. Still nice sometimes.

Ok I'm gonna listen to your songs man.

EDIT: I use FLstudio 8 and Cubase LE 4 + Many VST plugins.
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Hey updates: We've been writting more and I have new works in progress on the myspace and a bunch of stuff on my UG profile.

We should have a new song finished by the end of this week.