Ok, so i've been busy abit with creating some riffs, and I'd like to get some feedback about it before I continue working on it, just to get some more idea's/suggestions

Main inspiration was Cannibal Corpse btw for this song.

PS, the midi misses the last riff |:
Je moeder3.gp5
Je moeder3.mid
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The first riff will is a nice slow intro, the drums fit in very well.

The next part is pretty simple but who gives a ****, it's death metal with a fitting vocal melody it will be okay but usually tremolo picking parts are a bit boring at slower tempos

as stated above the next riff is a cool intro, but I think it's to weak to be placed in the middle of a song. maybe as a break or an fading out- outro later on, but it seems to be a little out of place here.

The last riff is pretty cool but it has a lot more potential in it, with a different drumming you can really irritate the listener but in a good way but your drumming is a bit awkward.

I added another riff, perhaps it will give you some new ideas

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Je moeder3.gp5
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