Like me, I'm sure a lot of people have watched the Fretkillr videos on YouTube. I'm particularly interested in the Acoustic Blues in E video and trying to figure out how he's able to make those fast runs sound so great. In this video:


at about 39 seconds in he does one of these runs and I'd really like to try to nail it. I was able to slow it down to the get the notes and have this:

B --3-----0-----------3-----0-----3--0-----3-------0-------
G ------------------- ---------------------2-------2-----3---2--
D --------------------------------------------------------------


What I can't figure out is how to best finger this to get the kind of speed he is getting. Although it sounds to me like he's hitting every note, I assume he must be doing some hammer ons and pull offs but can't really figure out where he's putting them. Or maybe he is actually hitting each note?

I realize I'll have to start off slow and build up in speed but would like to first make sure that I'm fingering this properly as I practice.

So, I guess my question is, is anyone here able to play this as fast as he is and if so, how are you doing it!


EDIT: Sorry all. Have fixed the link.
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    3        3        3           3      2  3    2     3   2      
B --3-----0----------3-----0-----3----0-----3-------0--------|
G ---------------------------------------2-------2-----3---2-|
D -----------------------------------------------------------|

       2  3   2      1   2       2  1      3       1   2
That's how I'd do it

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy6GAEZZES8 <-I think that's the video TS is talking about and **** that guys fast.
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that link is to post new thread...?

are you confused about fingering with your fretting hand or picking technique with your strumming hand
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that link is to post new thread...?

are you confused about fingering with your fretting hand or picking technique with your strumming hand

Sorry, have fixed the link. I think my question is really about both hands. I've actually been fingering it pretty much as Nietsche has noted above but wondering if Fretkillr is actually picking each note with his right hand or whether he's doing a of of pull offs and hammer ons. To me it sounds like he's hitting each note but when I try to do that, it doesn't seem like its going to possible for me to ever reach that speed. And when I do it with hammer on and pull offs, they are really noticeable so the whole thing doesn't sound as clean as Fretkillr.