HEY EVERYONE! My debut Album "I JUST WANNA ROCK" (2009) is up at www.myspace.com/krmec Original recordings! CHECK IT OUT & ROCK ON!!!
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I JUST WANNA ROCK, KISS ME BABY, AND LOVE EM REDHEADS are loaded on my profile! The rest is on myspace!
all i can say that this really isn't very good.
and as far as it being "something new and original," just no. Don't oversell yourself. If you just said it was straight hard rock I'd be more appreciative of it, but you make it sound like you're pushing boundaries, which you aren't.
Thanks man! Your time appreciated, I really am just trying to rock that's all in a fun way and album just expressing what's on my mind. Some people love it, some don't lol, 2 each his own...
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hate to say it cos you've obliously put alot of effort into your songs but your songs sound a bit dead nothing to do with your recordings as far as i'm concerned your songs are really well mixed and recorded but the riffs aren't catchy and aren't very intresting i'd have to agree 100% with "Dream Pin".
i prefer to be honest than fake liking your song so that you can say the same about mine
i just don't think that you have the creativty of a good songwriter but that being said your still a good guitarist as far as i can tell


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All my Songs are Rock Influenced
all individual relative, no biggie, some like, some don't, haha
and yeha i know im not a great lyric writer, just wanna have fun , trying to keep it all simple!
haha these are just visions in my head i brought out lol i feel like it's pretty up to par for my situation (low budget, one guitar, no band, cheap studio) and fact i was all alone in the song writin process, gotta start somewhere
personally i think mainstream is ****e these days, which is the reason i got into writing my own songs in the first place lol, cant stand the radio... but again no offence intended lol just good ol rock n roll!
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sorry to continue with the negative reviews, but i can't in good conscience call this good music. to begin with, it comes off as completely uninspired pseudo rock. its like your trying real hard to be this stereotypical rock and roller, when your really just some kid with a guitar. i'm not saying that you don't have talent because it seems to me that you do. your guitar playing is tight and your vocals are decent, although they are a little overproduced. i just think you need to broaden your horizons. the sound that you're poorly mimicking is boring and played out. no one wants to hear another song about 'rocking out' or engaging in other rock and roll inspired activities. real music fans want to hear something different and unique. the problem with your music is that you wear your 80s rock influences on your sleeve without bringing anything new to the table. so to conclude this rant: go back to the drawing board and try to find your own unique sound or maybe get a band together. either way you need to do something different. this isn't meant to discourage you because i think you have talent, you just have to write a song that doesn't sound like something kim mitchell wrote when he was 16. and for the record, kim mitchell is shit.

Before I even listen. You need a new album name.
That has to be the most cliche and generic title ever.. and it's been used so much in both album and song names.