Hey everybody,

I've got a Martin DX1 that I bought this past Xmas and I want to keep it in as good condition as possible. It's starting to show a little wear (back of the neck is a little roug near the 2nd fret, fretboard is getting darker where I play the most, and the top near where my arm rests is getting darker) which is fine by me, I like it when instruments are worn in. However, I don't want anything to do any damage. There is a very thin (barely even noticeable) matte finish on the top and a matte/satin finish on the neck.

What types of cleaners (if any) should I use? What sort of upkeep is usually required for similar finishes? Does anyone else have the same results with a similar model (or even another Martin)?

Thanks! Brandon
Wipe it down with a soft cloth(like cotton or a cheese cloth). Use a rougher piece of cloth for the fretboard and don't be afraid to wipe it real firm. I wouldn't suggest using any products since it is a matte finish and has lots of open pores. You don't want any build up of chemicals on your guitar.
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Yeah, matte finish leaves you kind of restricted when it comes to what you can use to maintain your guitar. Any chemical you add could wipe away the matte coat and you'll have shiny spots. Do what captivate said to do.
You can always use a little good old fashioned water, too. Don't like soak a cloth and use it, but you can get a fine cloth damp and use it to clean the guitar. Then dry it immediately after with another fine cloth.

For the fretboard you can use a drop or two of lemon oil to condition it after you've wiped it down and dried it. If you decide to use lemon oil, don't use it more than once every six months.

I still contend that a little warm water and a fine cloth are the best ways to clean and maintain a guitar, though.