Alright so my amp is a tube amp and I recently moved and my amp was shaking around in the back. Ever since then my amp only has like half the volume it use too. Not even half , it's very quiet. I have to put it all the way up to 10 just to hear it at all. Could one of the tubes in it have broken when I was traveling? I think that is the problem but I know nothing of amps. And if it is the problem how the hell do I figure out which ones are broke?
Check to see that they're all in properly.
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I checked it all , none of them are loose. It is a really old peavy 75w it has 3 - 12ax7 tubes and 2 - 6BQ5/EL84 tubes.
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If they're all in properly, it's probably a bad power tube.

I dont no anything about amps. What does having a bad power tube mean? Does it mean i need new tubes?