I learnt to use Pro/Desktop at secondary school & college, and I know my way around it well. However, I tend to be a perfectionist when creating my designs and that means when I want to create something, every contour, line, curve, etc, in the design is well thought out and positioned and with simple dimensions .

Anyway, I'm wanting to create some 'custimizations' on an SG body using Pro/Desktop, but the problem is that I can't find an engineering drawing of an SG that tells me the radius of every curve, the offsets of each contour, the center points for the knobs etc.
All the drawings i've come across are just designed to be printed out, glued to wood and routed.

So my question is, does anybody happen to have a drawing of an SG with all the details needed to create a 3d representation of it with ease? [PDF format if possible]

Well I've got an SG, but as far as measurements for all 3 dimensions of it... they don't exist.
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im presuming that its just another CAD program you're using.

the way i did it (for my school project) was get one of these (very accurate) templates, if it only has one size on it, import it as a picture into your CAD then adjust its size according the dimension given. Then you can "draw" around the template on your CAD making sure the sizes and all are to your liking.

Hope you made sense of that...
cool i was helpin teach that at my school today. tbh i dont think you'll be able to do an accurate representation of an sg on it, but i think there maybe a way to import an image onto a document. i would then trace round that outline with the line vector tool and extrude it. as for the contours, youd have to add anothor outline of the sg on top of your existing one where the contours finish an thn chamfer the corner between the two, as it wont chamfer the edges as accurate on a real sg tbh, so you may have to improvise. hope i helped

EDIT: just noticed that ive pretty much said exacty what the person above me has said
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I was thinking of doing that, however with 3DS Max, since Pro/Desktop (afaik) doesn't have a way to import images onto workplaces/surfaces.

Problem I have with 3DS Max however is it's much more difficult for me to be a perfectionist on. :P

I'll hunt around some of the menu's i've never visited before in P/D, if i find anything i'll update the thread.

Thanks anyway guys,
*slight update*

I did find a DWG/DXF of an SG, however it wasn't easy to work with due to the 'curves' being made out of straight lines rather than clipped circles / curve tool. - the straight-edge curves created huge performance issues and great difficulty in selecting the required edges to apply the contours.

I'm trying to print off myself a full scale SG diagram anyway, so i can take my own dimensions from that. - problem is, Adobe Reader doesn't seem to allow printing @ full scale.