Dont mind some of the thigns the ad says. I dont need an AMP. But, I will not ship first. You can check out my feedback on ebay

************ or go to the feedback section of *************, and look for extremefilms.

I currently have no guitar, and really have been aching to start playing again, I need a way to express myself.

http://maine.craigslist.org/for/1223030386.html - Price is $285obo+shipping. Will negotiate.

I'm looking for an electric guitar only. Please, no tire kickers. Also, I'm not looking at spending any money besides the shipping. Im not a fan of B.C. rich guitars, but if it's nice, I'll consider it. I don't like fenders ( I know most do, im just not one of them ), and if it's a first act guitar, you can forget about it. Anything Ibanez or Jackson that is electric, I have no problem with. I dont mind re-doing strings, but if it needs pickups or a neck or something, dont even bother.
Ah too bad you are not looking for a Bass
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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i have a schecter damien. frankly, to me, schecters blow ibanez and jacksons out of the water in comparable price ranges. it's in great condition.
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schecter is a lot better then Ibanez.
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I'd trade you my squier strat, but I don't wanna screw you over!
Cheers man, good luck on your search.
And, if you are by chance interested, email me at shmthedzracing@hotmail.com
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Believe it or not, there's a lot more people out there that have use for that camera than you think. And you can buy a laptop charger at any walmart or best buy for $50, problem is, I want a guitar, badly, and dont have any money.