Last night this lady was giving away stuff and my dad picked up a guitar, I was asleep, so I didn't even find out till an hour or so ago. I have no idea what kind of guitar it is. It has no legible brand name anywhere except for on the back of the headstock it says Ernie Ball licensed headstock...

Now, it looks EXACTLY like http://www.guitarcenter.com/Music-Man-Axis-Electric-Guitar-515551-i1148742.gc this guitar, EXCEPT that where it says Music Man on the headstock in that picture, my guitar has some weird symbol.

Can anybody help me out?
**** you. **** all of you.
if she was giving stuff away its propably and older discontinuted version of that
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Sounds like an OLP.
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Checked out pics of an OLP and that's it. Thanks
**** you. **** all of you.
its probably a cheap cop of that,but you never no :/
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