a mesa dual rectifier or a mesa mark V. I want versatility being able to play bodom and pantera but also nice cleans.

whichever one i end up geting im going to use a orange PPC412 4x12 cab
that shouldnt even be a question. mark V.
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mark V without a doubt , i cant fathom a compelling argument for the dual rect other than its cheaper

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I don't agree. That question is a damn fucking fine one.

The Mark IV's and III's were nice, but I didn't like them as much as the Rectifiers (I haven't tried the Mark's before, but bands and clips demoing them are common)
I find the tones are more honest on the Mark series, but they are more powerful, present and saturated on the Rectifier series.
If you want versatility, the Triple Rect will obviously be more advantageous, but you pay for that extra optionality.
If you want versatility to go from clean to Pantera, the Rectifier is more than capable for that. That is what it is designed for.

I'm undecided. I wouldn't know which one to go for. Probably the Mark V because I've already owned the Single Rectifier. But because I have owned, it I'd be more confident buying it and recommending it.