Hey UG,

Going to a music store tomorrow to pick up a GCB-95

I heard that they eat batteries so im going power adapter,but the one they say to get on the shops online store is 18V i swear the wah is only 9V.

I have a limited budget and the Dunlop Power Chord is £20,is it worth looking for a cheaper one like i did for my ds-2,does it have a common power input??

Thanks UG
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i had my GCB-95 for over a year on a single 9v battery. so if you unplug the input cable everytime you don't play it the battery should last half a year depending on how much you use it but as long as you don't leave the input cable in then you're safe.
Mines lasted on one battery since christmas. Just make sure you unplug the cable.

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9V is all you need for it. With some overdrives etc you can up the voltage for increased headroom, but that really isn't all that necessary with a wah.

If you want, I'll sell you my old Cry Baby for £25