Hey guys,

this is just a cover of the Solo from Fade to Black by Metallica - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPpQXyuJh2Q

its nothing spesh but i just thought it was time i at least uploaded something somewhere =]

give me some feedback, dont be too harsh =/ lol

hope to hear a few opinions soon, if all goes good there could be a symphony of destruction cover comin up =D

Good job, but you need to work a little more on you bends.
definity 7/10-8/10 quality. you just need some more work on the bends. and other then that you have it down

great cover

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Overall, I'd agree in saying that it's about a 7/10. You need to clean up your tone a little bit (your current tone would be good for a rhythm part, but remember, this is a solo! Use something smoother), and learn to bend better.

Otherwise, good job.