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Once your done with the test, click "No thanks" in the botton right corner, and itll take you to your results.

How many clicks did you get?

I got 167

What this does is sees how many times you can click in 30 seconds

Edit:- Apparently their code doesnt work, so you guys can take screenies if you like.
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180 times in 30 Seconds

EDIT: And according to the quiz results, I am a vibrating crackhead
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now to try it with mousekeys enabled
EDIT: with mousekeys i got 190, but i stopped part way through to see if holding it down helps
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235 times. Delusions of godlike power, apparently.
I made it to "Chipper & Perky" ... then I closed it.

25 seconds left.

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Now 189
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oh really? i didnt know children of bodom were better than a band far more famous and popular than them, cheers for the update

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haha this sucks. i got 94, because of my ****ty internet conncetion. i'll try again and count myself this time.

edit: i did it again and counted on my own as i did, and i did 250+
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I got the max score rating.

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Your caffeine level for today is:

Very High - Productive Worker, Jittery

235. I am God-like, and I'm not deluded.
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267 - Near Death - Delusions of god like power.

EDIT: Second try was 304
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188.. I felt like I was jacking it with one finger..

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i used mousekeys as well as normal clicking
264, guess that's all that time playing GTA drums not wasted then, cos I've had a total of 0 caffeine today

edit: 302 on the second try
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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I didn't sign up but made it almost to "near death" at the end of the green bar.
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