Being home and ill - decided to do a cover of this song

well, its not a full cover, missed out the string section of the song - instead, i decided to have a little play with the main melody with distortion

Gear straight out of the Poundstrecher guide to guitar recording, auidactiy, rock band mic, and a line 6 30W.

tell me what you think

EDIT: and C4C obviously
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I give you awesome marks for sound quality. Now I want to learn to play this song. Something about that recording just had a really great feel to it. Not having ever heard the original, I can't critique your accuracy, but in my estimation, it sounded good. Your intro was cleanly done and expressive, the distortion guitar didn't sound off at all, and you kept time as far and harmony throughout the piece as far as I could tell.

I tell you, when I'm ill I can hardly summon the willpower to get the book and cough drops from my miserable hands. Maybe I should try recording

Is it right that In Flames did this song? I actually like a little of their work--maybe I'll have to go more in-depth on them.

Oh, and if you're looking for something to C4C, I just put up a Star Spangled Banner cover--I'd appreciate your thoughts
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