i play an old Jackson KE3 (might be a kelly pro) most of the time and its pretty much my favorite guitar but there are plenty of times id like to have something like it with a fixed bridge. since Jackson doesnt make a nicer kelly without a trem on it, im thinking about doing it myself. my options right now are either to find another ke3, fill in the trem cavity on it and put on a tunamatic or try to upgrade a js kelly into somehting more like mine. anyone have any ideas if either of these would work out decent?
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Yeah, I had to buy the cheap JS30 kelly to get a fixed bridged model. It is kind of crappy, but it is the only model I could get that was fixed bridge.

I really don't know how much you could upgrade the JS30. Would be cool to build you own though.

JS30's are made of cheap would and cheap parts. I really think you will be happier with the end result if you just find a cheap KE3 somewhere or something and do what you can to modify to fit you.
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yeah, thats kinda what i was thinking. ive seen a few ke3's before for decent prices so im kinda leaning towards that way. thanks